Missing Pearl Found
Abducted from Manchester UK 9th December 2008 Found and Returned 26th September 2011

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported especially :

Manchester : GMP incl. Colin Rick Bridgit Stephen Neil also Ashley David and Heidi Darah Laura James
Gerri Cathie Mandy and Old Moat also Manley Park Kariss and the Admissions Team Iain and Jean

UK : Nick Johnston Khalida Clair and Martyn at the CA reunite.org Sharon Denise Joanne Nicky Alison Christine
Karo Joe the Toad Dave

Toronto : Helen U. for the calls Kimberly and Dana at EY and esp. Ted all at TPS incl. Scott and Wendy Tony and Rick Ed Brian Jeff T. Szkotak and Oliver Al Locken
Terry John and Margaret of Child Find Ontario Stephen Watkins and family Paisley David T. Marie Olive Socrates and everyone at Gamble Ave also George
Everyone at Peter's Place esp Andrew and Terri's Brandon at Enterprise for the PI rates
Grossmans Danny Greens and all the musicians especially Gillian B. Garry O' and Lee (also Pierre Wayne Ray etc) and also to Bird for the van and Maureen
Laurie Brown the Signal
Lynda S.
Helyn Fisher
Thiru Jon John (for the song) John (SSW) Filip Siskiyou catl Capsule Strumbellas Isabella and esp Nick and Ted S. at Ring
Crocodile Print and Copy Copycat Repro Cal Aaron Dave and Ron at ISN Tom and Alex at MKD James Joyce Edmonton and the Duke-Deanlea axis
Catherine and Norman
Kate Donna Rita Corinne Shelley Cathy Jade Alex Carol Charles Jenny Malaika Mary Melissa Naomi St. Johns Roma di Nardo and Steve!
Amira Tina and Annamaria at the CA Jamil at the FCO Jason at CBSA
Tim Hortons

Hamilton and Grey County : John Beth and James Boon's and Bobes

Montreal : Pina Maryam at Enfant-Retour Mtre Heyeur Chrisandra Leon Thine the FCO Susan and Madeline at Batshaw and all the staff and children at the Group Home we will see you again !
Harris and Mike at info-cult
Hilton for the suite Transat for the flights

Ottawa : Paj and all at the embassy

Canada : Lindsay and Christy Canadian Centre Child Protection Ted Bob Becky and Amanda at Missing Children's Society of Canada

US : Leemie and Sean at NCMEC Abby and Team Hope Karl Micah Ashley Waymon Charla Dominic Wendy Dashiell Reilly Tracy John Mark everyone at the CA in WA

Mexico : AMNRDAC and the CA

All the other parents families of the missing and their children our wishes are with you and our thanks to you all